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010-Dave Willis- How He Grew his 350,000+ Facebook Fan Page with Relationship Marketing

Dave Willis
Dave & Ashley Willis of and

Dave & Ashley Willis of and

This is a phenomenal interview with Dave Willis ( and )about how he grew his Facebook Fan Page Stronger Marriages and how it was stolen and what happened.

First, he shares how he grew  his Facebook fan page to over 260,000 Raving Fans.

Then his page gets Hacked and Stolen and Facebook isn’t able to help him!


  • What did he do?
  • How did he handle it?
  • What did the Fans on the page do?
  • Do you think they cared?
  • What would you do?

Well, Dave shares his story and what happened next and what you can learn from it.

Including how he enrolled George W Bush to fight this act of cyber terrorism.
Watch the video here:

( I give you a hint to how it ends,  He now has over 370,000 Fans including the hacker)

Don’t miss this one.  This is a real treat!

Free Resources from Dave Willis:


Soul Caffeine the book: Stories and Life Lessons designed to encourage and inspire

iVow Conference



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