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David J Soler is a Success Catalyst known for enriching lives and helping organizations, small businesses and individuals achieve unimaginable success. David is known for his authentic and energizing approach to building strong referral communities for business growth and life enrichment.

He is a respected marketing and sales expert, the “Goto” guy for relationship marketing and sales, sought-after keynote speaker, host of the top rated “Relationship Marketing and Sales Podcast” on iTunes, Founder of the Relationship Marketing & Sales Academy and author of the davidjsoler.com blog.

He and his wife Kristen have two dazzling daughters and they reside in Evans, GA. David is an avid cyclist and triathlete and volunteers with his church, on community projects and with the fire department.

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Me & My Dazzling Daughters

Me & My Dazzling Daughters


The Dazzling Daughters


My Amazing Wife & Dazzling Daughters

My name is David J. Soler.

A lot of people ask me, “Why the J ?” Well, there are a lot of David Solers in the world. In fact, I am one of three David Solers in my family alone!

Personally, I am a regular guy who has been incredibly blessed with an Awesome God, an amazing wife, two dazzling daughters, great friends and a God-given passion for enriching lives and catalyzing their success.


As far back as I can remember I have always loved helping others, playing basketball, firefighting, and business. (A rather odd combination, I must admit, but I’m being honest here.)

I played basketball from the time I could hold a ball through college. Then I retired due to 2 knee surgeries. My college coach called me a catalyst to the team and a crafty player.

A catalyst because my energy and enthusiasm and attitude sparked the team to do better than they thought possible.

He coined me “crafty” because nobody could believe—even though they saw it with their own eyes—how many take aways I would get, even being as slow as I was. It left them scratching their heads thinking, “How in the world does this guy keep getting the ball. How is that possible? He is crafty.”

Anticipation and timing — key things in basketball as well as life.


Here I am…Ready to Serve!

I have been a firefighter as long as I can remember. Yes, even as a 5-year-old I spent time at the firehouse.

I just love Helping. I lived next door to two firehouses actually, and I was there as often as I could be. I even attained my dream of being a career firefighter.


So how did I get into marketing and sales?

Again, since I can remember, I have always been an entrepreneur in some form or fashion. I was mowing lawns, shoveling snow, painting and doing chores for neighbors, cleaning cars… I even had a paper route (for those that remember what newspapers were :-) when I was like 11 years old. I delivered papers 6 days a week, collected the money (and tips), paid the bill, and kept the profits.

My friends have always said that I could sell ice to Eskimos, but I am not sure about that and I never have. All I do is find something that I am passionate about and share it with people who can benefit from it. It seems to work all the time.

So as I continued my education, I studied business.

After graduating form Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I became a Management Consultant but realized quickly that a corporate job wasn’t a good fit for me. So, I quit my job and entered the world of entrepreneurship, cold turkey. (Not the safest way, and some say not the smartest way, but that’s what I did.)

Since then I have had the glory & the misery of always being 100% commission-based.

The only paycheck I received was for the period of time when I fulfilled my dream of being a career firefighter (and the one time I did Jury duty{$25}).

And I would have done it for free. ( Not the Jury duty but the firefighting. In fact, I didn’t do either for the money. Really! The firefighting I would have done for free and the Jury duty, you can’t pay me enough todo. But there this thing about going to jail or big fines or something. So I do my duty as a citizen but that’s it. Its not for the $25. I promise.)

Nevertheless, God Bless my brothers and sisters in the fire service. They do it for the love of the job and not the money, as it isn’t a very lucrative paying job, for sure.

But I digress.

So, since I can remember, I have been curious and continued my study about how to market and sell products and services and then how to get the holy grail of marketing and sales…“The Referral.”

So, in the midst of all the frustrating and defeating methods of chasing customers and sales, worrying about where my next sale was coming from…

I sat at my desk or laid under my desk in the fetal position, I can’t remember exactly…

and I wondered, how do we get referrals?

How and why do people refer?

Is there a recipe for it?

Is it possible for me to receive all the business I need and desire, all through referrals?

Well, an amazing thing happened, I went on a journey and I searched and studied and implemented many different ideas and insights that I gathered along the way.

And would you believe that it worked?

It did! It did! Then, I shared it with others. And guess what?

It worked for them too. Wow!

Isn’t that incredible?

It was for me. I was stoked with excitement. This means we can create referrals anytime we want or need to!
We had the recipe!



So I created this site in order to serve and share with others all of this great wisdom I’ve gathered and the tools that I have discovered—all those things that have blessed me. Why? Because, I want to serve others and love others and I think I can by serving and giving the opportunity to share these wisdoms and strategies, so that folks like you can incorporate them into your business and your life. Then, God willing, your life and business and hopefully the world will be as enriching for you as mine is for me.

So if that interests you, you’re in the right place.


Why would I share My Secret Recipes?

Aren’t I afraid of someone taking my treasure?


Well, this is how I see it… There is plenty for everybody.

Really! Do you know how much work it takes to serve everybody?

The Harvest is Plenty.

When we all work together and serve each other, we can all benefit and we can make something bigger and better than we ever imagined.

Here’s a proverb-

A generous person prospers. He who waters others will themselves be watered.

Let me explain by sharing a story…

There was this person who saw a large patch of flat land and had a vision. He had a plan and started to build a building. He shared his ideas and resources and passion with others. Soon, they too started building their own buildings. But the builder didn’t get scared, he actually encouraged them and shared with them the insights and the strategies that worked for him for building his building. As he worked along side of them, he continued to share with them and serve them. They all worked on their buildings along side each other.

Then one day, they all had finished building their buildings. They started asking each other what they had built and taking tours of the buildings. It was marvelous.

Then they came to the original builder and noticed his building wasn’t the biggest or best or the prettiest. One of the other builders asked him, “Can you tell us what you built and take us for a tour?”

He said, “For me to show you what I built we need to take a ride.” They thought, “What?” but they went for a ride.

After riding for a while and from a great distance… he pointed and said, “Look, look, look what not I, but we have built…

<<Click Here To See What they See>>

I could not have done it without you. Thank you. Thank you. Because of you, because of Us, it was built. If we all didn’t help and contribute, this would not be a reality. Thank you, Thank you and let’s now enjoy this marvelous beauty!”

They all gazed with amazement and awe and appreciation.


old treasure mapI serve as a guide with a treasure map, a recipe, a blueprint if you will and as an encouraging coach because it takes work and discipline to make your business and life more enriching.

In my experience, it seems most people misunderstand marketing and sales, we undervalue the power of discipline and time, and so I share a more fulfilling way to do marketing and sales and encourage through the daily disciplines and challenges that are enriching and not defeating.

The idea is that when we build business relationships, we are building a business—a profitable and enriching business.

Don’t make the mistake I did and just focus on the on the sales and the money part. That leads to destruction and emptiness in business and life. I learned that the hard way. But through God’s grace, I am here to serve him and share with you.

So a big lesson I learned was to not focus on the money. Instead, focus on the people, the relationships with your customers, your employees, your team, your vendors and associates. Serve them and they will serve you. Help them and they will help you. Solve their problems and care for the them and they will be loyal and care for you. Then an enriching life, business and the riches will surely follow.

I Encourage You To…

Take a look around this site and see if you find some gold nuggets and pearls of wisdom. Get involved in this community. Reach out and write to me. Get on the mailing list to receive even more proven strategies and my exclusive content that is only sent via email.

David Solar - Wed-69

I wish you to be Blessed and to be a Blessing to others.

God Bless,



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