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Inside Every Acorn Is a Mighty Oak!

Growing is hard to see. Isn’t it? I want to remind us that along our journey it is hard to see our own growth. We grow and we grow, but because our own growth is hard to see we sometimes [read more]


The Power Of The Personal Note

  When I was in eighth grade some girls were passing notes in class, which was forbidden. (Obviously, this is before text messaging). The teacher saw it and took the note. She stood in front of the class and, with [read more]


Do You Have A Power Team? [Part 1]

Do you have a Power Team for your business? Who is on your Power Team? The answers to those questions will tell me a lot about where you are and where you are going with your business. What is a [read more]

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Who Wants a Free Gift?

I find that most people will always like a free gift and its a great way for us to start a business relationship with someone. In marketing we are always looking for our potential clients, right? We are in search [read more]

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How to Be Successful (Hint: It’s About Who We Become, Not What We Get)

If we want success—however we personally define it—then we have to attract and earn it. No one can give it to us because success, and the mindset that comes from success, is more in the journey than in the destination. [read more]

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