Podcast FAQ

How long is the Relationship Marketing & Sales Podcast?

Its estimated to be around 30 minutes per show.

What is a Podcast?

A simple way to understand a podcast is that its a radio show on demand.

All podcasts or internet radio shows are not the same. They are different by topic, length of show, frequency of the show, quality, professionalism and purpose.

Some are to a small local audience and some are to a certain niche audience. What a podcast or internet radio on demand refers to is that its an audio file that is stored online and you can download it. You can download just the one audio file or you can subscribe like a subscription to a magazine.

When You subscribe to the show you get it sent to you whenever the show posts. So if the show posts once a week, then you get it sent to you once a week. You can listen to it online or you can download it to your computer or mobil device to listen to it at your pleasure.

Most people subscribe to there podcasts, download them and listen to them in there car, while they are working out or doing errands. Instead of listening to the radio or whatever is on the radio, you get to listen to the content and shows you want to hear.

In fact, most radio shows are on podcasts. So you don’t have to tune into them when they are broadcasted live. You can download them and listen to them according to your schedule.

Ever been driving to work and were listening to something on the radio and you had to go so you missed the rest of the show? Now with podcasts, you don’t have to miss any part or it. You can also fast forward through it if you don’t want to hear a certain part.

The other great thing now with smart phones is that you can get an app to subsribe and download the podcasts right to your phone. Then listen to them where ever you are, when ever you want.

How often is a new Relationship Marketing & Sales show produced?

Its usually produces a new show once per week and is distributed by Friday morning.

What is discussed on the RMS show?

David shares tips and insights on how to build business relationships with clients and other businesses to increase sales through increased quality referrals, leads and repeat business. He also interviews people who are currently implementing and succeeding with relationship marketing and sales.

You’ll also hear from others who teach about things like podcasting, speaking, Facebook marketing, copy writing, content marketing and many other tools that you could use to help build and generate more sales, repeat sales and referrals in your relationship marketing and sales programs.

The old economy is gone, with all the info at our finger tips and literally in our pockets or pocketbooks, business and client relationships are vital to succeeding in the new economy that we live in today.

How do I subscribe to The Relationship Marketing & Sales podcast?

Record Audio Show + Save to an Online Cloud + Sent to An online Directory (Itunes) + Broadcasted + You download = Podcast (Listen to it at your convenience.)