Affiliate Disclaimer


I always believe and practice in full disclosure. I built this site to share with you and others valuable content and proven strategies

that will help you build enriching and profitable relationships for life and business. As the site grows from week to week, there is lots and lots of content and proven strategies that have worked for me and others that is absolutely free and I wish you to implement it and reap the benefits.

In addition to the Free information and strategies I share on the site, I also share links to other sites and resources that have benefited

me and others. So I share the links for it to be helpful for you and others to know of and utilize resources, products and services that

I recommend and/or use myself.

Although not all of the links are affiliate links, it would be best to assume that all the links are affiliate links. Which means that I would get a small commission if you buy from that link.

Furthermore, my personal policy is to only share links to products and services that I use and/or recommend. So If I don’t recommend the product, I will not link to it or I will share a message at the link disclosing I don’t recommend it but here is the link for example.

Affiliate links for those that are not familiar with them are ways to track who came to the site and from where and the directing link would receive a commission with certain restrictions.

So for example, Let’s say I recommend buying a widget from abcwidgets and I provide a link to their site or the product.

Then, let’s say you decided to check out abcwidgets by clicking the provided link. While there, you decided to buy a widget from abcwidgets.

Well, AbcWidgets will know through a tracking software that you came from my site, Then Abcwidget would pay me

( a small commission on what you bought.

Here’s the thing, I appreciate you buying through my links because its helps support my site and the costs of doing business as well as hopefully making some profits. But even if you don’t use my links, If I tell you I recommend it, then I do. Whether you use my links or not.

With that said, I also cannot guarantee or warranty your success with the product or service. I do my best to update this site to make sure that if I no longer recommend something, I will remove the link. Unfortunately, there are way too many factors and such that can change

and I may not know your exact situation, resources, experience level, etc. at the time you are buying something to be able to guarantee or warranty anything.

So know that I am sharing these resources and links to you for informational purposes, I feel and believe in my heart that if it helped me or others that I know then it could help you do the same, But I cannot guarantee or warranty it.

So, hopefully, this is understandable to you. If you have more questions or don’t fully understand, please email me at support . I appreciate you being involved in the site and hope you find the resources and products here valuable and that you implement them to Enrich your life and your business.

Again if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please contact me at

Thanks & God Bless!
David J Soler