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The Power Of The Personal Note


When I was in eighth grade some girls were passing notes in class, which was forbidden. (Obviously, this is before text messaging). The teacher saw it and took the note. She stood in front of the class and, with the note still folded in her hand, she stated, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Once it is written, there is no denying who said it or what was said. It is on the paper. Good or bad.

There is something extremely powerful when you put down your feelings in words and on paper. It has the ability to penetrate people deeply. I saw this in a negative way that day and many more days in school when classmates would pass these “not so nice” notes about people in class.

However, I also have seen the power of the personal note in building people up and building relationships, and I have seen and felt how powerful the Pen is.

The personal note is one of the—if not THEmost powerful tool in building relationships. It demonstrates so many things on so many levels

It takes: time—our most precious commodity.

It gives: encouragement, appreciation, love, joy, confirmation etc., depending on what we write.

I have personally developed, and seen it develop, many enriching relationships. Develop the habit of sending personal notes, and you will see your relationships grow deeper and stronger and be more plentiful.

Think about a time when you received a personal note or card. Was it encouraging?  Was it loving? Was it mean? How much of an impact did it have on you? Share your thoughts and answers with me below, but I suspect that it was impacting in some way.

Now, if it was the same old template message that everyone uses with no personal handwritten note, or if it was just the typical cookie cutter “thanks for the wedding gift, it was really nice,” note, then, no, it probably didn’t have much impact on your life.  But, if it stated something about how your actions demonstrated how valuable you are and how much your actions impacted the recipient, then, at least for me, that note would be impactful. And I think it would be for you too.

So if you use the power of the personal note to send encouragement, congratulations, empathy, admiration, and more, do you think that will really impact others? Do you think that will really serve them? Do you think you can give them a positive feeling?

People will forget what you say, people will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  —Maya Angelou

When we start impacting others, serving others, caring for others, those “others” will want to be around us and serve you and care for us in return. Incorporate that focus into your business and let those “others” be your customers and the people you choose to serve. If you do, you won’t have to ever get rejected by a customer again!

Also, before I go, I have a personal note for you:

Hi Friend of,

Right now, you (yes, YOU!) reading this article demonstrates your desire for wisdom, and that is admirable. I thank you for reading this article and wish you to find the wisdom you seek. I appreciate your time and will continue to serve you the best I can.

Your opinion does matters to me, if you would like to share with me your insights and thoughts I would love to know them and will be looking for them below.

May God continue to Bless you and your family,

David Soler
Enriching Lives & Catalyzing Success



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  1. Suzie Farthing Reply

    Great insights regarding the power of a personal, hand-written note. I know that when I get a personal note from a friend or a colleague, they had been thinking of me enough to stop what they were doing and write me. This happens less and less these days, so when it does, it impresses me more and more.

    • David J Soler David J Soler Reply

      Thanks for sharing Suzie. I sure do appreciate notes as well.

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